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The most successful projects are completed by the best teams… and creating those teams to achieve their best is a passion for us. 

With over thirty years of construction experience behind him, our founder Kevin Long, stumbled into the industry by accident. After finishing college, he was invited onto a large commercial construction site by his father to get some work experience and ‘stop him bumming around’. 

Kevin later recalled, “I remember being taking into the supervisors office and my father (the big boss) announcing he would kick my a**e if I mucked up. At the time I was frustrated, but in hindsight this let the rest of the team know I was prepared to pull my weight and I soon became an accepted member. Over the next few years, I came to realise the team we had on that first site was really quite special.  There was a camaraderie and a high level of trust between the team at all levels. They knew that their colleagues from project director to trainee supervisor would have their back and be there for them if needed. This inspired me to want to put together my own high performing teams and to build that level of trust and respect”. 

Kevin continued in the construction industry in the UK until immigrating with his family in 2007 to New Zealand. Based in Christchurch he was employed for a major construction contractor when the earthquakes hit Canterbury. “I was running the earthquake repairs on behalf of Vero Insurance following the September quake when the February quake hit, this was probably one of the most rewarding moments of my career as we were helping people and making quake damaged homes liveable”.  

Kevin then moved into client-side project management and worked with some of the biggest project management companies. He has had the honour of working on some prestigious projects such as the first anchor project in Christchurch, Hagley Pavilion.  Then later was the lead PM of the Award winning team for Dunedin Law Courts project.

Kevin has always tried to live life by following the core principles of:

  • Honesty; always tell the truth, have the back bone to have the difficult conversations. This shows integrity. 

  • Integrity; having strong moral principals and honesty helps to build integrity, this is the basis for everything we do and gains trust.

  • Trust; such a basic instinct, to believe in the reliability and ability to perform.  If you don’t trust the people you work with, you won’t be able to perform to your best and you certainly don’t have a team. 

  • Team; a team is a group of people who trust each other. We strongly believe no one is more important than anyone else in team. One person can’t achieve everything.

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We take our job seriously. We know your project is important, timing is crucial and budget management is vital. 

“We will work with you to keep your projects on track, on budget and on target.”

Kevin – HITT Director

The Team


Kevin Long - director

Having been in the construction industry for 30 years, on both the construction and consultant side, there is not a lot Kevin hasn't seen. Kevin founded HITT Projects and ensures the company follows the core values of Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Teamwork.


Monique Groothius - Accounts/admin support

With a business management and accounting background. Monique works alongside Kevin ensuring the day to day paper pushing gets done... and cups of tea made.


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