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Comprehensive construction project management services for all your project management needs.

Project management

Whilst we offer the below services, Project Management is so much more than a list of processes. Experience teaches you the art of effective communication and relationship building. This is where we at HITT Projects excel.

  • Consultant / Contractor procurement
  • Project planning
  • Stakeholder engagement and planning
  • Communication planning
  • Risk appraisal and mitigation methods
  • Project timeline / Programme sequence
  • Design management inc. Safety in Design
  • Change management
  • Value engineering
  • Health and Safety management
  • Quality management​
  • Cost management

Programme Management

A Programme is defined as a group of related projects, sub programmes, and programme activities managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually.

Programme Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a programme to meet the programme requirements and to obtain benefits and control not available by managing projects individually.

At HITT Projects we will work with you to understand, plan, and implement, the best possible strategy for the programme to ensure maximum benefit realisation, whilst achieving the overall programme goals.

clients rep

As the client’s representative, our level of involvement can range from overseeing the project, providing guidance and expert advice, to fully running the project. At all times we will provide regular updates to ensure the client is kept fully involved.

Business Case Development

Before any project can proceed a business case needs to be undertaken to provide justification for the proposed project. The business case will evaluate the benefit, cost and risk of alternative options and provides a rationale for the preferred solution. 

At HITT Projects we have extensive experience of putting together business cases.  We will work closely with you to ensure a robust and fully informed document.

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Yes, we can provide a full service or step in at any time, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Most of our work is done from our offices in the Bay of Plenty, we will undertake most meetings online and travel only when necessary. We also have a network of professionals we trust and work with around the country who can be our eyes and ears on-site as required. This allows us to keep our fee and carbon footprint to a minimum.

You’ve identified your business needs to undertake building work, this could be a refit of your existing premises or the construction of a new facility. This isn’t your core business and you don’t have the expertise to deal with this, we can help you. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

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